I should have known that my Coffee Bean post was going to make some noise, especially in this headline-hungry age we live in, and especially with all the eagerness to post any news surrounding Paul’s passing. I suppose I wouldn’t be honest if I said I wasn’t expecting it to stir some shit up. Because I was indeed shocked at what I saw. But now that this has become a bit of a story in its own right, with The Coffee Bean responding and saying it will take the appropriate actions, I can only hope that my post didn’t get some hard-working college student fired. Because I do not really believe the act was malevolent. Ignorant and insensitive, yes. Dumb, sure. But not mean-spirited. I quite like coffee bean, and the baristas that were working yesterday were sweet and otherwise professional, and made me a damn good red eye with room. And for the record, I wouldn’t have been able to pick between Varsity Blues or Fast and Furious. But if Eight Below was an option, that’s a different story. RIP Paul

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    Sounds like someone is trying to save face for the previous statement they made about Coffee Bean and being upset about...
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    Or Running Scared.
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